Noemi Gonzalez

Digital Organizer Noemí (she/her), pronunciado No - Eh - Mí, was born in downtown Phoenix and has always called the Sonoran Desert home. She is first-generation Mexican-American with ancestral roots in México (but – like many – thanks to colonialism, she can only trace her roots so far back). 


Photo by Noemí's mom: Vero Gonzalez 

What really informs who Noemí is today is that she is the daughter of immigrants, a visual storyteller and an artivist.

She carries the cognitive dissonance of climbing walls, while one was built to keep people like her parents out; and she walks hundreds of miles by choice, while people continue to face death in sacred O’odham land. While her parents planted the seeds in her to be inventive in the face of adversity, Noemí’s education in journalism and life experiences have fortified her urgency to create community around visual storytelling – from graphic design to motion picture.

She comes with a background in journalism and photography, and doesn’t see herself shedding those realms just yet. Noemí is humbled to join an effort to dismantle systemic racism that envelops environmentalism – and looks forward to the day we get to honor our elders and indigenous siblings who have been stewarding the fight for madre tierra for generations.