Jose Martinez

Operations Manager Jose Martinez was born in Long Beach, California, but raised in Tucson, AZ. His parents migrated from Agua Prieta, Sonora, and Purepero, Michoacan, looking for the American dream with the “White Picket Fence,” which is ironic because now his family owns a fence company. 

When Jose was 14 years old, he went into a coma for two weeks due to Meningitis and Encephalitis. Doctors gave him little to no hope for recovery past a vegetative state. When Jose woke up, he had to learn how to walk, speak, re-learn English, and much more.

Since then, Jose says he always gives his best at everything because you never know what could happen the next second. If Jose sees something that he likes and cares about, he will go after it 100%, whether it be welding, helping people in their final moments in hospice, or being involved in the work of fighting to protect our democracy.

Before moving into operations, Jose worked to support voter registration efforts across the state with Chispa Arizona, supporting organization, training, quality control, and motivating our teams.