Ana Compean-Loaiza

Civic Engagement Organizer Ana Compean-Loaiza – daughter of hard-working immigrant parents – came here from Mexico in hopes of a better life. 


Photo by Zhara Negrete

She is the mother of 4 children, for whom she fights the good fight so that they can have a brighter and cleaner future, full of possibilities.  She found her passion here at Chispa Arizona where she first started as a voter registration specialist. She then went on to be quality control for the voter registration program, and then on to area director for the voter registration program 2020

Her love and commitment are to the youth cohort that she's had the pleasure in leading. She currently mentors and teaches the youth about civic engagement through the Chispa Arizona Semillas Program.  Empowering the youth to be our future leaders is where her heart stands.