Pablo Julian Zepeda

Community Organizer Julian Zepeda was born in Puerto Vallarta, México. His grandparents played a big role in his life and they taught him that natural resources are priceless.

He developed a passion and personal commitment to helping his community and mother earth at a young age.

Julian has different intersectionalities. He is a part of the LGBTQ +, migrant and person of color communities. He migrated at a young age to the USA with his mother who was escaping family violence in México.

He has experience organizing with Trans Queer Pueblo (TQP), a grassroots organization who works to empower the LGBTQ+ community and dismantle systems of oppression. Julian has learned the intersectionality of LGBTQ+ migrant communities of color and has gained a wealth of knowledge and skills organizing with TQP.

He graduated from Phoenix Community College with a degree in Environmental Science. Julian loves public lands; he enjoys hiking and camping to improve his well-being.